Started building model airplanes back in 1962, with rubber engine, using balsasheet and "flowersticks".
My first Diesel engine, in 1966, on a linecontrol model called "Getingen". Started with Radio Control in 1980.

My projects:
My own constuction
Dormoy Bathtub 1924 70% with Valach 210 ws 511 cm
My own constuction
Deperdüssin 1911 scale 1:4
Saito 90 3-Cylinder Radial
WS 183 cm
My own construction Cosmic Wind Hacker outrunner, 24x10 prop, 10cell LiPo, Power HD servo's WS 206 cm
Flair SE5A   WS 129 cm
Fokker DVII   WS 155 cm